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As a retirement income planning firm in Oklahoma, Retirement Benefit Advisors, LLC, and Steve Bowlds Advisory, LLC, were founded to work with pre-retired, retired and conservative investors. We focus on wealth management, investing, financial and retirement planning, insurance strategies, and Social Security planning. Retirees receive our help for a better retirement through our fee-based asset management, always ensuring their individual needs remain our top concern.

We understand that retirees face many important decisions that can affect their long-term financial goals. Some of these decisions revolve around making investments that will help create a hedge against outliving their income, the impact of inflation, taxation, and rising healthcare costs. With 90% of our clients being retirees and having similar concerns, we are in an advantageous position to approach such challenges with experience and skill.

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Where will your retirement money come from? 



Investing should be easy – just buy low and sell high – but most of us have trouble following that simple advice.


Financial Estate

Effective financial estate management enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime and control the distribution of your wealth after death.



Insurance transfers the financial risk of life’s events to an insurance company.